Armenian Chinese Partnership Center Signs Agreement with Qingdao Municipal Museum

“Sunshine Roots” Armenian Contemporary Art Exhibition at Qingdao Municipal Museum and a Series of Webinars Kicked Off

Armenian contemporary art exhibition “Sunshine Roots” has kicked off at Qingdao Municipal Museum, Shandong Province. It is organized at the initiative of Armenian Chinese Partnership Center and is the first post-pandemic international exhibition at the Qingdao Municipal Museum. The exhibition is aimed at enhancing Chinese art lovers’ understanding of Armenian art and promoting the establishment of long-term friendly exchanges and cooperation between members of art community from both countries.
Qingdao Municipal Museum displays 30 artworks of 15 internationally renowned Armenian contemporary artists representing various genres and styles of art, ranging from traditional classical realism to symbolism, abstractionism, impressionism, expressionism, surrealism, and modernism. Besides the variety of genres, the works have different thematic directions e.g. landscape, portrait, still life, and composition. The presented artists are Armenians, but there are those living and working not only in Armenia, but also in other countries, particularly in Russia and Ethiopia.

A series of webinars dedicated to the works of Armenian artists has also launched. The webinars are attended by the management team of the Qingdao Municipal Museum, students from Fine Arts School of Shandong University, Khachik Abrahamyan, director of Artists’ Union of Armenia and honored painter of the RA. Students got acquainted with Khachik Abrahamyan’s works on his interpretation, as well as painting techniques of the Armenian artists. They also ask Mr. Abrahamyan questions on current and future state of the art. Meetings in such a format are held for the first time at international exhibitions.

Armenian Fine Art Exhibition at Qingdao Museum
Qingdao Municipal Museum 2021
ACPC - Qingdao Museum first online seminar with Armenian Artists
First Armenian Artists - Qingdao Municipal Museum Webinar held in April

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