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ACPC Cultural Program includes exchange of ideas, art, literature, music and other aspects of culture between Armenia and China in order to foster mutual understanding.
The purpose of CE Program is for the people in China and in Armenia to develop an understanding of the nation’s ideals and institutions in an effort to build broad support for economic and political goals.

Discover China

Discover best Chinese destinations for your vocation including Great Wall, Terra-cotta Worriers, Forbidden City…

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Discover the first Christian country in the world, find out the oldest churches and nature of Armenia…


Check the latest events organized by ACPC including art exhibitions, conferences and trade shows…

Summer Camps

Check our summer camps in China and Europe, learn Chinese, English, or other languages and more from the host country…

Travel & Work

Travel and work is the best way to experience the foreign country and get close to its people and culture…

Art Studio

Looking for Art works directly from the painter or sculptor, want to find artist to cooperate with…


To further strengthen and vitalize the development of the Sino-Armenian relations ACPC implements following cultural and tourism programs:

  • The Arts including films, dance, music, painting, sculpture, etc.
    Exhibitions which offer the potential to showcase numerous objects of culture
    Conferences and Seminars.
    Exchanges of artists and art projects.
    Cooperation between cultural institutions.
    Literature: the establishment of libraries abroad and translation of popular and national works
    Broadcasting of news and cultural programs
    Eco tourism.
    Travel and Work.

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