Student's Guide

Why to study in China?

During recent years China has become a major education destination for international students. China has its own high-rank universities that can rival the top-tier institutions abroad and due to lower tuition, cultural similarities and increasing trade and cultural cooperation more foreign students from Belt and Road countries are choosing to study in China.

What can we offer you?

The information is most valuable asset nowadays and considering the language barrier to get reliable information is almost impossible. ACPC can help you with this by informing about different exchange or international programs, scholarships, up to date information about universities and their fees, accommodation and all other information which you need to know before traveling to your destination in China.

Our services

Finding the right university

Application documents preparation

Information on cultural shock

Airport reception

Assistance in student visa application

Assistance in receiving admission notice

Flight Booking

Accommodation sourcing

Key Universities

Project 211 and 985
Project 211 and 985
Project 211 and 985
Project 211 and 985

There are many specialties you can choose for your further study in China. Below is the list of most popular majors among international students.