Business Consulting

We help businesses to expand their operations in China.

Market Information

Business and Tax Law Advisory Support

Funding and Financing Information

Liaise with Government Institutions

Customized Business Location Services

Site Visits

Matchmaking with Armenian and Chinese Partners

Support to Identify Skilled Workforce

Business Expansion

Logistics and Trade Management

Product Development

Distribution Channel Generation

Trade Fairs

Exhibitor Services

ACPC offers special service on attending an exhibition in China on your behalf. We will introduce your products during any exhibition in China by your choice, handle customs and import procedures, select most suitable exhibitions for your business and prepare promotional materials. You may also reserve a booth and present your company personally.

Buyer Services

Inquire our exhibition visiting service, you may hire our agent in China to visit any exhibition and source the products which highly meet your requirements (You may follow the exhibition via your mobile live), order samples and arrange the shipping. If you wish to visit China and need assistance, our agent will accompany you to make your business communications easy and profitable.

ACPC makes it easy for you to enter Chinese market and reach potential buyers in short time.

We speak Armenian, Russian, English and ChineseĀ